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Relax. This is what we do.

We help you fill in the gaps. Simple as A B C. Dedicated vehicles and express deliveries to and from Europe.

From the day we started in 2002 we still adhere to a very simple philosophy. The commitment and service provided to you is based on the knowledge that you have made a promise to your client, and we understand that your commitment to your client is our responsibility to deliver. Our service and attitude reflects this and has been and will always remain the foundation to our activity.


Supply Chain Logistics


We offer a full range of express delivery and collections covering any industry sector or product.


Dedicated vehicles from small vans to full loads.

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About us

We understand that in a competitive market, if you do not provide the service your clients expect, then they will source their supply elsewhere and that is why we deliver your commitments.

Our understanding of exactly what our customers demand and expect gives you the confidence to entrust your urgent shipments to Timeline.

Sometimes our clients do ask for the physically impossible, if this is the case then we will tell you it is impossible and advise the earliest possible time a shipment can be delivered. We will not under any circumstance put you in a situation where you are under the assumption all is well when we know that your requested delivery schedule cannot be achieved – we don’t cross our fingers and hope and neither should you. If we say it can be done then it will be.

We understand that changing the way you move express shipments can be difficult.

We also understand that words are easy, talk is cheap.

Try us and you will understand how we have developed and sustained strong links with our clients due to our service, integrity, flexibility and sustained excellence.

We are certified ISO 9001:2015